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Cody Johnson Understands When Fans Share That “‘Til You Can’t” Affected Them

Cody Johnson is hearing from fans that his current single “’Til You Can’t” is touching them in a special way.

Cody can understand why people who listen to “’Til You Can’t” have a special connection with the track…because it’s hit him in the same way too, “Everybody’s kind of come up, that has mentioned it, and been like ‘That song changed my perspective on life,’ and it’s not a rehearsed line – I can genuinely honestly looked those people in the eye and say ‘Me too!’ You know it changed my perspective on my own life and my own career and my own time with my kids and my wife and the things that are important to me. You know, the real things – not money, not fame, not notoriety…the real things that actually matter.”

Along with the song – the music video for “‘Til You Can’t” is also having a big impact on fans, watch it here…

Photo Credit: Chris Douglas