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Brett Young Went Acoustic With “Not Yet”

Brett Young followed up his number-one hit “Lady” with the latest track off of his album, Weekend Look A Little Different These Days.

Brett thinks “Not Yet” is the perfect song for fans to hear after his number-1 hit, “I think after ‘Lady’ it was time to switch it up, and going into summer have something that was just a good summer song and not too heady and not too deep. You know, it’s a song about those moments in your life that you wish never had to end. I think everybody can pick and choose and plug in that one life experience that they have that this song makes ‘em think about. So, it just felt kinda like a fun summer no-brainer, and good way to follow up a song like ‘Lady.’”

Check out the acoustic version of “Not Yet”…

Photo Credit: Seth Kupersmith