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Mickey Guyton Announces Album – Remember Her Name – Available September 24th 2021

Mickey Guyton has announced that her album, Remember Her Name, will arrive this September.

Mickey shared, “Couldn’t be more proud to tell you that my new album Remember Her Name will be released on September 24th! I set out to create music that would make people feel self-empowered, loved, and comfortable with being themselves and this album holds true to all of that. I hope everyone who listens finds something that connects and speaks to them.”

Mickey co-wrote 15 of the 16 tracks on the album, including her ground breaking song “Black Like Me”

Mickey Guyton’s Remember Her Name Track List:

  1. “Remember Her Name” (Mickey Guyton, Parker Welling, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram) Produced by Karen Kosowski
  2. “All American” (Mickey Guyton, Victoria Banks, Emma-Lee, Karen Kosowski) Produced by Karen Kosowski
  3. “Different” (Mickey Guyton, Emma-Lee, Karen Kosowski) Produced by Karen Kosowski
  4. “Love My Hair” (Mickey Guyton, Anna Krantz) Produced by Karen Kosowski with additional production by Johnny Simmen
  5. “Lay It On Me” (Mickey Guyton, Jaden Michaels, Gavin Slate) Produced by Karen Kosowski and Gavin Slate
  6. “Higher” (Mickey Guyton, Nathan Chapman, Fraser Churchill, Preston Glass, Narada Walden) Produced by Nathan Chapman
  7. “Dancing In The Living Room” (Mickey Guyton, Karen Kosowski, Victoria Banks, Emma-Lee) Produced by Karen Kosowski
  8. “Do You Really Wanna Know” (Mickey Guyton, Melissa Fuller, Andy Skib) Produced by Andy Skib
  9. “Black Like Me” (Mickey Guyton, Emma Davidson-Dillon, Fraser Churchill, Nathan Chapman) Produced by Nathan Chapman and Forest Whitehead
  10. “Words” (Mickey Guyton, Abbey Cone, David Kalmusky) Produced by David Kalmusky
  11. “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” (Mickey Guyton, Karen Kosowski, Victoria Banks, Emma-Lee) Produced by Karen Kosowski
  12. “Smoke” (Mickey Guyton, Nathan Chapman, Balewa Muhammad) Produced by Karen Kosowski
  13. “Rosé” (Mickey Guyton, Karen Kosowski, Victoria Banks) Produced by Karen Kosowski and Forest Whitehead
  14. “Indigo” (Mickey Guyton, Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz, Mozella) Produced by Jimmy Robbins
  15. “If I Were A Boy” (Toby Gad, Brittany Jean Carlson) Produced by Karen Kosowski
  16. “Better Than You Left Me” (Fly Higher Version) (Mickey Guyton, Nathan Chapman, Jennifer Hanson, Jenn Schott) Produced by Johnny Simmen

Pre-order: https://strm.to/MickeyGuytonRememberHerName

Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville