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Lainey Wilson Is a Small-Town Girl…A Really Small-Town

Lainey Wilson has jumped inside the top 20 this week on the country music airplay chart with her song “Things A Man Oughta Know.”

So, we have something you oughta know about Lainey – she’s a small-town girl. Like, really small. “I’m from a town of 300 people”

In fact when she leaves Baskin, Louisiana, the population drops, “Yeah, 299 now.”

But when she heads back home, she does get a great reception…because she knows everyone in town, “Most everybody there is my family, there’s no place like Baskin. It’s just no stop light, bunch of corn fields, good people though. I come from a town of just hard working loyal, loving people.”

Check out Baskin Louisiana’s own Lainey Wilson’s music video for her hit song “Things A Man Oughta Know.”

Photo Courtesy of BBR