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Watch Garth Brooks Spontaneously Give His Guitar to a Young Fan at One of His Concerts

Garth Brooks was running late for his weekly episode of Inside Studio G on Monday (June 12). To fill the time, his staff shared a short video of Garth interacting with a sign-holding fan named Jeremy Larson during a recent concert in Montana.

Jeremy’s sign read: “3 concerts down, two more to go!!! Waited 24 years to meet you!! You are the reason I play guitar.”

Garth had a few questions for Jeremy after the sign caught his eye. “Oh, you play guitar? Cool,” said Garth. “Now, you play . . . you play electric or you play acoustic? You play Takamine? You play one of these?” Garth gestured to the guitar in his hands, which was a Takamine-brand guitar. Then Garth took a closer look at the photo on the sign. “Oh no, no, no. That’s not one of these. Dude, if you’re gonna play a guitar . . . ”  Garth unstrapped the guitar he was playing, tossed it to the fan and said, “you need one of those.”

Watch the video to see the Jeremy’s tearful reaction to Garth’s spontaneous gift.

After strapping on another guitar, Garth played “Which One of Them,” one of two songs that he brought with him when he moved from Oklahoma to Nashville in 1987—the other was his debut Top 10 hit, “I’m Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old).”

During the rest of his Inside Studio G episode, Garth talks about his surprise CMA Music Fest Nissan Stadium appearance, shows some clips from that performance, answers a few questions from fans and more.