Watch Brett Eldredge’s Priceless Reaction to Fake Snake Prank on “Today” Show

If finding a live snake in his toilet wasn’t enough for Brett Eldredge, he had to relive the scary moment when he co-hosted the third hour of the Today Show this morning (Feb. 10) with Al Roker and Shenielle Jones.

The 6’4″ singer was at the anchor desk recalling his story of finding the snake in his hotel room toilet bowl when he was on vacation in Mexico. During the story, his “friends” at the Today show lowered a rubber snake onto Brett’s head. The singer didn’t flinch at first—thinking it was a microphone mishap—but once he laid eyes on the rubbery creature, he let out a priceless scream.

“I was like what is touching my head right now,” Brett explained. “I’m not even afraid of snakes but that was serious. I thought there was  a microphone—like maybe there was a studio malfunction and I had a microphone touching my head.”

After the scare, Brett composed himself and continued his co-hosting duties. Take a look at the video of Brett being scared by a snake.