Watch Cam Describe Inkblots in Nash Country Daily’s Rorschach Test

Cam may be known for her smash hit “Burning House” and her love of the color yellow, but what many people may not know is that she studied psychology in college. We asked her about her psychology background and put her to the test—the Rorschach test that is. The Rorschach test is a psychological test in which people’s perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed. While we didn’t analyze her answers, we gave her high marks for being pretty normal—whatever that means.

NCD: As someone who studied psychology in college, do you analyze people all the time? Are you analyzing us right now?

“Right! No, I did the research stuff,” says Cam. “I was the nerdy person in the lab with no windows that did questionnaires on people. I wasn’t the therapist one. I really like that part of us that makes all of us the same. You don’t realize it but there are certain things that run underneath us. I loved why people are in relationships that they’re in. Why certain cultures, if you look at different cultures, what that makes you value and what you want. I worked at a lab in Stanford. The last lab I worked at, the professor actually said to me, ‘What would you regret more having missed out on psychology or having missed out on music? Picture yourself at 80 looking back on your life, what do you wish you would have done?’ Of course I wish I was doing music. But there is something that kind of runs through both and it’s the story of what makes us human and the thing that everybody can relate to and those emotions we all have. I think that’s what ‘Mayday’ and ‘Burning House’ tapped into, I hope. And that’s where you kind of connect with it.”

Watch as Cam and NCD managing editor Jim Casey take the Nash Country Daily Rorschach test from editor in chief Lisa Konicki.