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The Scoop On Kelly Jay
Favorite Movie: Doc And The Bean Stalk
Favorite Magazines: Vouge, Reader’s Digest, Better Homes & Gardens
Favorite Actor: Doc
Favorite Actress: My Girlfriend, Julia Roberts
Favorite Food: Anything Hot
Interest facts about me I bet you didn’t know: I once was an exotic dancer.
Charities involved with: Ben Richey Boys Ranch, Children’s Miracle Network, Mission Thanksgiving, Ducks Unlimited, Hendrick Home for Children, Balloon Fest, Rattlesnake Roundup, and many more.
Favorite Websites: www.kbcy.com and www.beer.com
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The Scoop On Doc
Favorite Movie: Top Gun
Favorite Book: Doc & The Bean Stalk
Favorite Actor: Nicholas Cage
Favorite Actress: Kelly’s Girlfriend Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan
Favorite Food: A greasy Cheesebuger with Jalapenos
Interest facts about me I bet you didn’t know: I am a bald man
Charities: Ducks Unlimited, Ben Richey Boys Ranch, Children’s Miracle Network, Taylor-Jones Humane Society, Mission Thanksgiving, Balloon Fest, Rattlesnake Roundup, and many more.
Favorite Websites: www.kbcy.com and www.srh.noaa.gov/sjt/

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Doc & Kelly’s Bio:
Doc and Kelly were both born in Texas. Doc was raised in White Deer and Kelly grew up in Gorman. At the early age of 11, while in the 3rd grade, Doc and his family moved to Abilene. Kelly, on the other hand, first moved to Yukon, Oklahoma, where his claim to fame was going to school with Garth Brooks. Still to this day, Garth and Kelly have stayed so close that Garth often says, “Kelly Who?”

Doc and Kelly first worked together in 1987. Doc was the announcer where Kelly was performing as an exotic dancer. Yes, even back then, Doc was bald. The association between the two grew closer and closer. (No! Not what you’re thinking) After gaining weight, Kelly realized Radio was for him. That’s when THE Doc and Kelly morning show was first thought up. After several Doc and Kelly meetings with key management, actually they were begging, the VIP’s finally decided to let them work mornings.
Since the start of the show, Doc and Kelly have been #1…..well, maybe #2…..or, uh…never mind….scratch that. They are thrilled and feel grateful to be a part of your everyday life. (Mainly because they don’t have a life of their own) When asked what they liked best about being in Radio…..Doc replies, “What was the question?”…..Kelly says, “We both love to help the listeners and the community, right Doc?”…..”Uh, right, What was the question?”

Doc and Kelly’s hobbies include Radio, Women and Coolers full of Beer. Not necessarily in that order. They both enjoy riding around in the country shootin’ stuff, especially late at night when they get to spot-light deer. Believe it or not, Doc and Kelly actually killed a 6 point buck with Doc’s truck and neither of them spilled a drop of beer.

Seriously, Doc and Kelly look forward to spending every morning with you. Thanks for making us #1. We’d also like to remind you to Support America, Keep God in your heart and Love thy neighbor.