Medical Minute – Sponsored by Abilene Regional Medical Center

Welcome to the Medical Minute sponsored by Abilene Regional Medical Center.

Have you met your health insurance deductible for the year? Do you still have money in a Flexible Spending Account? If so, you have until the end of December to get the most from your benefits. Once you reach the deductible threshold you have a limited window of opportunity to obtain healthcare services and have the bulk of that expense covered by your plan. Now is the time to schedule your necessary doctors’ visits or test like a screening mammogram or a colonoscopy you may have been postponing. Use your benefits before the end of the year so you don’t lose your hard-earned money. Remember, a new year brings a new deductible. To connect with a local physician at Abilene Regional Medical Center use the “Find A Doctor tool at Abilene or call 325-428-4636